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Currently I have two  English Cocker Spaniels called Leo and Baxter.  Leo is 20 months and Baxter is just newly 1 year old and both are full of beans and always ready to play!


2 Moggys, Jinxy and Peppers (Mother and Son)

Peppers likes to pretend he isn’t friends with the dogs but they have all been caught on numerous occasions all happily snoozing together in the dogs bed!  Jinxy however is a totally different kettle of fish she just likes to keep herself to herself.


Jasper the Chinchilla just likes chilling out all day in his sand bath and getting the occasional raisin as a treat.


We also have a fantastic Bearded Dragon (although quite temperamental and very spoilt) called Fergus, who loves basking on his rocks but doesn’t like eating his vegetables very much!

 Last but not least there is Pebble the Herman Tortoise.  He was named pebble because he was the size of a small pebble when we first got him.



So as you can see the “Imray” household has a real menagerie of pets, but home just wouldn’t be home without them their funny little traits.



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